Pediatric Dentistry

Celebrate Dental & Braces has long served patients at 3166 SE Military Dr, offering some of the best dental and orthodontic services in San Antonio. Now, we’re furthering this commitment even more, and are proud to now offer pediatric dentistry care at our Military Drive location!

Pediatric dental care is crucial for many reasons, but we believe these two are the most important: confidence and care. Confidence is among the many qualities children develop during the crucial years of being young, and we recognize the impact a child’s smile can have on this. We help kids foster a love for their smile, helping them understand its importance and effect on their overall health. The result is a healthy, beautiful smile—because when kids love their smile, they want to take care of it!

If you’re searching for a dentist to guide your child towards a lifetime of excellent oral health, look no further than Celebrate Dental & Braces at Military Drive in San Antonio—helping kids love and care for their smile!

San Antonio Pediatric Dentist

Like we said, when kids love their smile, they want to care for it—but when they also love their dentist, it makes everything a whole lot easier. Meet the dentist your child will be sure to love, Dr. Peter Gurr! He’s the newest addition to our team of dental experts at Celebrate Dental & Braces and the lead of our pediatric dentistry services. Combining comfortable dental services with engaging care, Dr. Gurr and his team aim to make visiting the dentist enjoyable, and something the entire family will look forward to.

Smile—With Celebrate Dental & Braces!

A lifetime of oral health starts at a young age and continues through the early and late adult stages. Whether you're searching for pediatric dental care for a child, orthodontic services for a teen, or are wondering how to improve your adult smile—turn to Celebrate Dental & Braces in San Antonio! We understand the importance of giving your family only the best, and are proud to offer only the best dental services in San Antonio, including:

Pediatric Dentistry

  • Bi-annual exams
  • Routine cleanings
  • Cavity & flouride treatments
  • X-rays
  • Crowns & fillings
  • And more!

Orthodontic Dentistry

  • Metal & ceramic braces
  • Clear tray aligners
  • Retainers
  • And more!

Meet Peter Gurr, DDS

Dr. Peter Gurr earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish translation from Brigham Young University, and completed dental school at Buffalo State University, graduating cum laude with his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree in 2008. While attending dental school, he received an award for student leadership. He has practiced in San Antonio, TX since 2009.

Dr. Gurr continues to advance his education and training as a dentist as often as possible, seeking to learn daily as he practices. He has completed advanced training in many areas, including special needs dentistry and laser dentistry. He completed his pediatric residency in Arizona and became a board-certified pediatric dentistry though the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD). As a dentist, his goal is to change lives by starting children on the best path for health and wellness. His patients often get nutrition tips from him in addition to flossing reminders!

When he isn’t having fun at work, Dr. Gurr can be found helping his wife take care of their four sons. He has spent a lot of time serving in Boy Scout troops with his sons; they enjoy camping and all things outdoors. Dr. Gurr also enjoys playing most sports (especially basketball), and building and fixing things. He loves dark chocolate and nuts, and totally digs The Piano Guys.

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