“OK, but what are the savings?”

Introducing the Savers Plan

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ProcedureStandard PriceSavers Plan Price
Exam, X-Ray$225$20
Gum Disease Treatment (price per quad)$100
Filling (1 Surface) (anterior/posterior)$70 / $125
Filling (3 Surfaces)$90 / $135
Filling (2 Surfaces)$125 / $145
Tooth Extraction (simple)$150$135
Surgical Extraction$200$175
Root Canal (molar)$800$495
Root Canal (bicuspid)$650$495
Root Canal (anterior)$500$350
Crown Buildup
Complete Upper Denture
Complete Lower Denture
Braces Monthly Payments$250+ $300$120 + $0
Braces Down Payment$5000$3800

Savers Plan Answers

There is NO deductible!

Who likes deductibles? Nobody! That’s why our plan comes with absolutely no deductible on all services. How cool is that? Deductibles require that you pay 100% of of the cost of treatment until you reach the deductible amount. We will never charge you a deductible.

No one is turned down.

There are no pre-existing conditions, no prior authorizations, and no yearly maximum.

You are pre-approved for the Savers Plan. There is no age limit and no restrictions based on income, even if you already currently have dental needs (pre-existing conditions).