Our Payment Options

Savers Plan

CelebrateDental_PricingChart2At Celebrate Dental we have always prided ourselves in making our quality dental care affordable. We continue in this tradition by offering our Celebrate Savers Plan. As a member of the Celebrate Savers plan you get amazing discounts, and personalized care. Unlike traditional insurance, you have no waiting periods for your plan to activate. Furthermore there are no conditions on availability of the services you need. With traditional insurance you may require a service, yet your insurer may decide they do not cover it. With the Savers plan, if your dentist recommends it, and you would like to have it done, that is all that is required.

We also have a VIP savers plan. For an additional amount you get priority service, and additional discounts, see below for details.

Here are some of the savings available:

CelebrateDental_PricingChart (1)

VIP Savers plan available. Additional $160 per member per year guarantees no waiting, priority appointments and 5% off our already low savers fee schedule.

HealthySmile program:

For many patients that have been away from the dentist for a while we have our HealthlySmile** program to get you caught back up. Our HealthySmile program allows you to pay a set fee of $240 for all of the fillings, extractions* and cleanings you need for each quadrant of your mouth.

*Teeth requiring referral to an Oral Surgeon, wisdom teeth, or surgically complicated teeth not included in HealthySmile.  HealthySmile only covers work deemed medically necessary by your examining dentist, cosmetic work is not included.  HealthySmile covers regular and deep cleanings, uncomplicated surgical extractions, and tooth colored fillings only, but the savings are awesome!