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Dr. Nazgol Gharbi is a certified dentist who has been practicing general dentistry for over 14 years. In 2003, she received her DDS degree from Azad Tehran University, the highest ranked dental school in Iran. She received her dual Master of Public Health and Dental Public Health specialty with a GPA of 4.0 from the A.T. Still University, Arizona in 2019 and won the University’s top Academic Excellence award.

Dr. Gharbi provides evidence-based comprehensive dental care, including restorative and cosmetic treatments, and dental emergencies for adults and children. She is well known for her smooth, gentle, and painless numbing techniques that reduce patients’ anxiety right from the start. Having a knack for cosmetic dentistry along with her calm and communicative chairside demeanor, makes Dr. Gharbi the right dentist to go to, if you would like to have whiter teeth, perfect crowns, and improve your smile with dental veneers. Her conservative approach to save the patient’s natural teeth to the maximum extent possible provides the best patient-centric long-term care.

Dr. Gharbi has extensive experience working with kids and providing compassionate care to children and young adults. Her interest in the oral health of children and her passion to bring oral health care to all members of the community led her to sponsor an entire orphanage in Northern Iran. Dr. Gharbi became the sole dental care provider in the area who would offer free dental services as well as birthday visits to the children residing in that home. She continues her community outreach and school-based visits in economically disadvantage areas in Austin by providing free exams and educational programs to students with limited access to dental care, and her practice continues to be a welcoming and inclusive place for all members of the society.

Dr. Gharbi is deeply dedicated to research, promoting preventive care in communities, and empowering patients through chair-side education. She is a member of American Dental Association, Texas, Dental Association, American Association of Public Health Dentistry, and American Association of Women Dentists.

Dr. Gharbi strongly believes oral health is interconnected to overall health. She is committed to a healthy lifestyle free of sugar and refined carbohydrates. She loves her 5-AM workouts, meal prepping, and helping family and friends adopt healthier eating habits and the right exercises based on the most recent research and guidelines. She adores animals, enjoys running and weight lifting with her husband, reading, baking, trying healthy recipes, and traveling. Dr Gharbi, a multi-lingual speaker, believes visiting various countries and learning different languages have increased her cultural awareness and improved her consciousness of diverse life perspectives. She is always excited to get to know her patients in order to tailor the treatments to their specific needs and be the dentist everyone loves to see regularly!