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Having a beautiful, straight smile shouldn’t come at a cost, but many people are faced with the harsh reality of the finances needed to achieve the smile they’ve always wanted. With the help of our $120/month Kansas City braces special, getting the orthodontic care you want doesn’t have to come at a steep price! Confidence about your smile starts with Celebrate, because who wouldn’t want to celebrate about $120/month braces! As dedicated orthodontists, we’ve made it our mission to make braces accessible to all, because we care about our patients’ needs and wants, firmly believing that everyone deserves the chance to smile confidently! Worried about a down payment, credit checks, or interest for our braces special? Don’t! All you’ll get from us is affordable braces, professional care, high-quality services, and no pressure or hassle by a certified orthodontist!

Budget-Friendly Orthodontic Care

When you become a patient at Celebrate Dental & Braces Kansas City, you’ll find that we go above and beyond normal patient care. We take the time to get to know our patients individually, because we understand that no two patients are the same! Whether you’re interested in fixing improper bites to simply correcting crooked teeth, we’ll create a customized orthodontic care plan to fit your exact needs! With a variety of options, we have the ability to treat several dental problems through a variety of orthodontic products! Here are just some of the problems that can be corrected with braces, along with the many benefits and results you’ll see after your treatment plan is completed:

  • Benefits:

    • Treats and corrects improper bites
    • Improves jaw alignment
    • Adjusts over and underbites
    • Corrects crooked teeth
    • And more!
  • At Celebrate Dental & Braces Kansas City, we’re proud to provide different treatment options to fit your particular needs we can include:

    • Classic braces with archwire and brackets
    • Clear removable braces – Invisalign
    • Headgear and retainers
    • Expanders and facemasks

0 Down Payment | NO Credit Checks | NO Kidding!

If having a straight smile at an affordable monthly cost is what you’re after, there is no one better to turn to than Celebrate Dental & Braces Kansas City!


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